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Hello friends.... Today we are going to put here the information of Amnesty International (AI). AI (Amnesty International) is a non-governmental organization. Amnesty International was Founded in July 1961, United Kingdom. Amnesty International (AI) headquarters is in London, WC1 United Kingdom. The organization says it has more than seven million members and supporters around the world.

Today we are going to put here the information of Amnesty International (AI). AI (Amnesty International) is a non-governmental organization.

AI - Amnesty International | History | Structure | Funding etc.

Amnesty International non-governmental organization all the details are given below. We are put here all the information about AI (Amnesty International). Amnesty International History, Amnesty International Structure, Amnesty International Principles, Amnesty International Objectives, Amnesty International Country focus, Amnesty International Funding, Amnesty International Criticism and controversies this all the details are given below. 

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