FAO | Food and Agriculture Organization

Hello Friends.... Today we are going to put here the information about the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). FAO full form is Food and Agriculture Organization. Food and Agriculture Organization headquarters is in Rome, Lazio, Italy.  The Formation date of Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations is 16 October 1945. People who are find the information about FAO they are read below PDF file. 

FAO | Food and Agriculture Organization

FAO | Food and Agriculture Organization | History | Food | Membership | Agriculture etc.

This FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) PDF file is very useful for all people. In this PDF file this FAO History, FAO Structure and finance, FAO Budget, FAO Directors-General, FAO Deputy Directors-General, FAO Offices, FAO headquarters, FAO Regional offices, FAO Sub-regional offices, FAO Liaison offices, FAO Partnership and Liaison Offices, FAO Priority work areas, FAO Programmes and achievements, FAO Food this all information is given below PDF file. 

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