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Anger is an emotional reaction.  It comes less to someone and more to someone, but do you know that getting angry early or getting more angry is a problem.  This can worsen a person's health as well as physical harm to him.  By the way, everyone knows that when a person gets angry, he loses control of himself.  Her brain's ability to think and understand is reduced, but it is important to control anger.  This is the reason why in this article of StyleCrease we are telling about why you get angry and what is anger.  Also here are measures to reduce anger, which can play a helpful role in calming anger.

Control your anger via simple tips

How To Control Angry :

What is Anger ?

Anger is an emotional state.  When a person gets hurt or gets annoyed and irritable with certain things, negative feelings are born in the mind.  When these expressions dominate the human, then his physical expression changes.  In this state, the person expresses his anger by gestures, speech, shouts or physical attacks.  Repeated anger can also put a person in the grip of many diseases.  This is why anger is said to be harmful to others as well as to oneself.

Causes of Anger :- 

We have already mentioned in the article that anger is an emotional state.  In this, negative feelings arise in the mind of the person, which prevail in certain situations and affect the person.  So let's take a look at the situations that cause anger :

  • Cause of dislikes

  •  By some events

  •  Old bad memories

  •  Family conflict

  •  High rent

  •  When a colleague interrupts the work by expressing himself or herself. 

Tips to Control Anger :-

If someone gets angry more or more frequently, then it may be beneficial to try the measures to reduce the anger mentioned below.

* Count down :- 

Counting the countdown can be a great alternative to the anger reduction measure.  Through this, it can help to control the intensity of anger.  For this reason, before speaking anything in anger, you should try to concentrate on your breath while counting down from 10 to 1.  This will control anger as well as give you time to think.  This will allow the person to think better about the effects of the response.

* Take a walk :-

Measures to reduce anger include walking.  This is also mentioned in the research of 'Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation' published on the website of NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information).  For this, you have to pay attention to your steps while walking.  By doing this, the mind can be kept calm and control of anger.  According to research, changing the location can change the situation, which can reduce the intensity of anger.  For this reason, whenever someone gets angry, it would be better to get up from that place and talk for a while without talking too much.

* Do meditation :-

According to subject matter experts, mindfulness meditation may be helpful in reducing anger measures.  In this type of meditation, the mind is pacified by the brain and is focused on a single point or moments that give pleasure.  In this way, by incorporating meditation in a way to reduce anger, a person can gradually learn to control anger.  Also, it can also help to reduce anger to some extent immediately.

* Take a deep breath :- 

How to reduce anger, the answer to this question is also hidden in the breathing process.  Indeed, if deep breath is taken slowly for a few minutes while concentrating, anger can be controlled.  To reduce anger, it is good not only to take deep breaths, but also to take deep breaths while counting.  Both these processes can calm the mind like meditation.  Also, the ability to think about the bad consequences of a response given due to anger may develop.

* Listen to music :-

Measures to calm anger include listening to melodious music.  Actually, listening to songs that soothe the mind can prevent anger from dominating itself.  A research related to this topic is also available on the NCBI website.  According to research, music therapy helps to overcome negative emotions that develop in the mind, which can be controlled by anger. 

* Try to be quiet :-

One way to reduce anger is to not say anything and try to remain silent.  It is considered to be the best and easiest option to control anger.  When a situation of anger arises, try to keep yourself calm for some time and do not say anything.  This will give the other a chance to listen and understand.  Along with controlling anger, it can also help in giving better and clear response.

* have a good sleep :- 

One answer to the question of how to reduce anger is to have good sleep.  A research conducted on patients related to the heart artery has found that patients get angry immediately when they are not getting enough sleep.  On the basis of this research, it would not be wrong to say that people are not able to control their anger due to insufficient sleep.  In such a situation, it may be possible to control anger if the measures to reduce anger are taken care of and improved at bedtime.

Why is excess anger harmful to your health ?

More anger can directly or indirectly increase the risk of some serious problems.  Therefore, it is considered harmful to health.  Let us know through the following points that anger can play a major role in causing or influencing problems.

  • Cardiac artery disease

  •  Bulimic behavior (tendency to eat more than usual)

  •  Risk of diabetes

  •  Fear of accident due to speeding due to anger

  •  Consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs

  •  Excess of laziness and decreased ability of physical work

* Control your anger via Yoga & Exercise :-

Apart from the above mentioned measures, yoga and exercise can control anger.  According to a research paper published on the NCBI website, aerobics exercise can also be a way to reduce anger.  This study found that aerobic exercise may reduce aggressive behavior and response to anger.  On this basis, as an aerobic exercise to control anger, the following exercises can be done, such as :

  • Bicycling

  •  Dancing

  •  Jogging

  •  Swimming

  •  Walking

As we have already mentioned in the article that people get angry quickly due to lack of sleep.  In this case, aerobic exercise can also reduce anger by increasing the quality of sleep.  Apart from this, yoga is also a way to reduce anger.  A research has shown that yoga can control anger and angry reactions.  For this, the following Yogasanas can be done.

  •  Pranayama Yoga

  •  Bhujangasana Yoga

  •  Surya Namaskar

  •  Sarvangasana (standing posture on shoulders)

  •  Shavasana (posture to make the body like a corpse)

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