The United Nations (UN) | History | Structure | Funding etc.

Hello friends..... Today we are going to put here about United Nations (UN). People who are searching about United Nations (UN), they are read below PDF file. We are put here United Nations (UN) Information PDF file. This UN information PDF file is very useful. People who don't know about the United Nations (UN), they are read this PDF file and know about the United Nations (UN). We are put UN PDF file below. 

The United Nations (UN) | History | Structure | Funding etc.

United Nations (UN) | History | Structure | Membership | Funding etc.

In this PDF file you will get History, Background, Declarations by the Allies of World War II, Founding, Cold War Era, Post-Cold War, Structure, General Assembly, Security Council, UN Secretariat, International Court of Justice, Economic and Social Council, Specialized agencies, Funds and programmes, research and training institutes, and other bodies, Membership, Group of 77, Peacekeeping and security, Human rights, Economic development and humanitarian assistance, Funding, Evaluations, awards, and criticism, Evaluations, Awards, Criticism, Model United Nations. 

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