Hello Friends... Today we are going to put here the inforamtion about UNESCO. People who are finding the information about the UNESCO [The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization] they are read below PDF file. About UNESCO all the information is given. So we are put here this UNESCO information PDF file. This United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)  PDF file is very useful. 

UNESCO | The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNESCO | History | Activities | International Days observed at UNESCO | Member States etc. 

In this PDF file History, Origins, Creation, Development, 21st century, Official UNESCO NGOs, Institutes and centres, Prizes, Inactive prizes, International Days observed at UNESCO, Member states, Governing bodies, Director-General, General Conference, Executive Board, Offices and headquarters, Field offices by region, Africa, Arab States, Asia and Pacific, Europe and North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, Partner Organisations, Controversies, New World Information and Communication Order, Israel, Occupied Palestine Resolution, Palestine, Palestinian youth magazine controversy, Islamic University of Gaza controversy, Che Guevara, Listing Nanjing Massacre documents, US withdrawals, Turkish–Kurdish conflict, Atatürk, Campaigns against illicit art trading, Products and services, Information processing tools information is given. 

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