World Health Organization (WHO)

Hello Friends... Today we are going to put here WHO information PDF file. People who are searching about World Health Organization (WHO) they are read below PDF file. In this PDF file all the information about WHO is given. So this WHO information PDF file is very useful for you. People who don't know about WHO [World Health Organization] they are read this PDF file and know about WHO. 

World Health Organization (WHO)

The World Health Organization | History | Origins | Establishment | Activities | Structure etc.

In this PDF file WHO History, Establishment, Activities, Governance and support, Partnerships, Public health education and action, Data handling and publications, International Agency for Research on Cancer, Structure, Membership, Taiwanese membership and participation, World Health Assembly and Executive Board, Director-General, Global institutions, Regional offices, Employees, Goodwill Ambassadors, Medical Society of the World Health Organization, Country and liaison offices, Financing and partnerships, World headquarters information is given. 

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