GPSC Additional Assistant Engineer (Electrical), Class-3, GMC Exam Syllabus

Friends..... Today we are going to put here Gujarat Public Service Commission exam Additional Assistant Engineer (Electrical) exam syllabus. People who are preparing for GPSC Additional Assistant Engineer (Electrical) exam they are read this exam syllabus. This exam syllabus is very important. So we are put here this exam syllabus.

GPSC Additional Assistant Engineer (Electrical), Class-3, GMC Exam Syllabus

GPSC (GMC) Additional Assistant Engineer (Electrical), Class-3 Exam Syllabus:

In this exam there are two question papers. 200 - 200 marks two question papers in this exam. 2 hours time given you in this exam. This exam is a MCQ type exam. The type of exam is Gujarati and English. First paper is in Gujarati language and the second paper is in English language. 

GPSC Additional Assistant Engineer (Electrical) Exam Syllabus:



Exam Type








      Paper 1


General Study













120 minutes


100 Marks





50 Marks




50 Marks


Total – 200 Marks


     Paper 2




Related Subject




120 minutes


200 Marks

Detailed Syllabus Of GPSC Additional Assistant Engineer (Electrical), Class-3:

Paper 1 Syllabus :

General Study :

  • History
  • Sanskrutik Varaso
  • Indian Economy
  • Indian Constitution
  • International Relations 
  • Samajik Nyay
  • Indian Polity
  • Geography
  • Science and Technology
  • Mental Ability
  • Current Affairs

Gujarati :

  • Gadharthgrahan
  • Kahevato
  • Rudhiprayog
  • Samanarthi Shabd
  • Viruddharthi Shabd
  • Jodani
  • Alankar
  • Samas
  • Shabdsamuh
  • Sandhi
  • Chand

English :

  • Tenses, Concord- Participles, Gerund 
  • Common Errors- on miscellaneous items 
  • Usage: Articles, Prepositions, Adjective, Adverb, Conjunction, and Question tag 
  • Usage: Some, many, any, little, a little, few, a few, since, for, modal Auxiliaries (can, could, may, might, must, ought, shall, should, will, and would) 
  • Voice 
  • Degree 
  • Vocabulary 
  • Idioms Phrases 
  • Spellings 
  • Homonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms
  • One word substitute
  • Words that cause confusion 
  • Comprehension

Syllabus of Paper-2 of Examination for the post of Additional Assistant Engineer (Electrical), Class-3 (GMC):

1. Introduction to Electric Generation Systems Thermal Power Plants: Coal, Gas/ Diesel and Nuclear-based, Large and Micro-Hydro Power Plants, Solar and Biomass based Power Plants, Wind Power Plants, Economics of Power Generation and Interconnected Power System 

2. Electric Circuits Single Phase A.C Series Circuits, Single Phase A.C Parallel Circuits, Three Phase Circuits, Network Reduction and Principles of Circuit Analysis, Network Theorems 

3. Electrical and Electronic Measurements Fundamentals of Measurements, Measurement of voltage and current, Measurement of Electric Power, Measurement of Electric Energy, Circuit Parameter Measurement, CRO and Other Meters 

4. Electric Motors and Transformers DC Generators, D.C. Motors, Single Phase Transformers, Three Phase Transformers, Special Purpose Transformers 

5. Renewable Energy Power Plants Solar PV and Concentrated Solar Power Plants, Large Wind Power Plants, Small Wind Turbines, Micro-hydro Power Plants, Biomass-based Power Plants 

6. Fundamentals of Power Electronics Power Electronic Devices, Thyristor Family Devices, Turn-on and Turnoff Methods of Thyristors, Phase Controlled Rectifiers, Industrial Control Circuits 

7. Electric Power Transmission and Distribution Basics of Transmission and Distribution, Transmission Line Parameters and Performance, Extra High Voltage Transmission, A.C Distribution System, Components of Transmission and Distribution Line 

8. Induction, Synchronous and Special Electric Machines Three Phase Induction Motor, Single phase induction motors, Three phase Alternators, Synchronous motors, Fractional horse power (FHP) Motors 

9. Microcontroller Applications Introduction to Microcontrollers, Architecture of Microcontroller8051, 8051 Instruction Set and Programs, Assembly Language Programming, 8051 Internal Peripherals and Related Programs 

10. Energy Conservation and Audit Energy Conservation Basics, Energy Conservation in Electrical Machines, Energy conservation in Electrical Installation systems, Energy conservation through Cogeneration and Tariff, Energy Audit of Electrical System 

11. Building Electrification Wiring Tools and Accessories, Electrical Wires and Underground Cables, Wiring Methods and wiring layout, Residential Building Electrification, Protection of Electrical Installation, Illumination in Residential Installation 

12. Industrial Instrumentation and Condition Monitoring Fundamentals of instrumentation, Transducers, Measurement of NonElectrical Quantities, Signal Conditioning, Data Acquisition System, Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Analysis 

13. Industrial Automation and Control Introduction to Industrial Automation, PLC Fundamentals, PLC Programming and Applications, Electric Drives and special machines, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition System (SCADA) 

14. Industrial Drives Electric Drives, AC Motors, DC Drives, AC Drives, Advanced Techniques of Motor Control 

15. Communication Technologies Data Communication and Modulation, Digital Modulation Techniques, Data Communication Media, Fibre Optics, Data Communication Protocols and Interfacing Standard, Advanced Data Communication 

16. Electrical Testing and Commisioning Electrical Safety and Insulation, Installation and Erection, Testing and Commissioning, Troubleshooting Plans, Maintenance 

17. Electrical Estimation and Contracting Electric Installation and Safety, Estimation and Costing, Non-Industrial Installations, Industrial Installation, Public Lighting Installation, Distribution Lines and LT Substation 

18. Illumination Practices Fundamentals of illumination, Types of lamps, Illumination Control and Control Circuits, Illumination for Interior Applications, Illumination for Interior Applications

19. Switchgear and Protection Basics of Protection, Circuit Interruption Devices, Protective Relays, Protection of Alternator and Transformer: Alternator Protection, Transformer Protection, Protection of Motors, Bus-bar and Transmission Line Motor 

20. Solar Power Technologies Solar Energy, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), Solar PV Systems, Solar PV Electronics, Solar PV Off-grid and Grid Tied Systems 

21. Wind Power Technologies Wind Energy and Wind Power Plants, Construction and Working of Large Wind Power Plants, Aerodynamic Control, Electric Generators and Grid Connection, Maintenance of Large Wind Power Plants, Construction and Working Small Wind Turbines, Maintenance of Small Wind Turbines 

22. Biomass And Micro-Hydro Power Plants Basics of Biomass-based Power Plants, Biomass Gasification Power Plants, Different Types of Gasifiers, Micro-hydro Power Plants, Different types of Microhydopower plants 

23. Electric Vehicles Introduction to Hybrid Electric Vehicles, Dynamics of hybrid and Electric vehicles, DC-DC Converters for EV and HEV Applications, DC-AC Inverter & Motors for EV and HEVs, Batteries 

24. Electric Traction Basics of Traction, Power Supply Arrangements, Overhead Equipment, Electric Locomotive, Traction Motors and Train Lighting, Signalling and Supervisory Control 

25. Non-Conventional Source of Energy, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Gujarat Energy Development Agency, Gujarat Solar Power Policy2021, Waste to Energy Policy-2016, Gujarat Wind Power Policy-2016, Gujarat Wind Solar Hybrid Power Policy 2018-19, Gujarat Small Hydel Policy-2016 

26. Electricity Act, 2003; Indian Electricity Rules, 1956; Gujarat Electricity Industry (Reorganization & Regulation) Act, 2003; Tariff And Function of Electricity Regulatory Commission. 

27. Current Trends and Recent Advancement In the Field of Electrical Engineering.

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