Gujarat Treasury Rules, 2000 (ગુજરાત તિજોરી નિયમો) (Part 3 & 4)

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Gujarat Treasury Rules, 2000  (ગુજરાત તિજોરી નિયમો) (Part 3 & 4)

Gujarat Tijori Niyamo | Gujarat Treasury Rules, 2000 (Part 3 & 4):

Gujarat Treasury Rules, 2000. (Part - 3 Forms and Part - 4 Resolutions).  

On Gujarat becoming a separate state. The Bombay Treasury Rules, 1960 formed by the governor of Bombay. In pursuance of article 283 of the constitution were adopted for application in the state of Gujarat with effect from 1st may 19960 updating and amending these rules in view of various developments have been in the consideration of Government for a long time. 

This text is the revised version incorporation the orders issued after 1st May 1960. The rules deal  primarily with the procedure which should be generally followed by the Treasuries as also by the offices and agencies of the reserve bank of India concluding the cash business of Government and by the other Government offices in dealing with Treasuries and the bank. 

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