Karkirdi Margardarshan Visheshank-2021 (Career Guidance Book 2021)

Currently, the 10th and 12th board exams are going to be completed. Every student is worried about the board exams of Std. 10 and 12, the reason being that these two exams are a stepping stone to determine your career. After giving these two exams, every student is asked the same question. What to do after standard 10 and 12?

Let's take a look at the main options we have after passing Std. 10: Std. 11-12 - Getting Admission in Higher Secondary. Here, too, there are alternatives such as science stream, general stream (humility-commerce), north basic stream. To get admission in Vocational Diplomas after Std. 10 (Diploma in Accountancy, Diploma in Banking, Diploma in Home Science etc.). 

Admission in Technical Diplomas after Std. 10 (Civil, Mechanical, Electrical Automobile, Metallurgy, Chemical, Plastics, Printing, Fabrication, Home Science, Commercial Practice, Mining, Ceramics, Technology). Courses in this diploma can be taken at government polytechnics / self-help institutes.

Karkirdi Margardarshan Visheshank-2021 (Career Guidance Book 2021)

What Is After Std. 10th & 12th (Karkirdi Margdarshan Book In Gujarati):

What after Standard 10 ?

If we talk about the main roads after passing Std. 10: (1) Study in Std. 11 and Std. 12 (2) Diploma in Engineering as well as other Diploma Courses (3) Study in different courses of ITI (4) Various of Technical Education Study in Certificate Course (5) Study in Fine Art Diploma Course (6) Study in University Course in Agriculture (7) Study in some Professional Course or (8) Leaving further studies to join a business or job. 

What After Standard 12 ?

After 12th, so many faculties are you have chosen. If you are studying in General Stream, so you are studying in BA and other colleges. If you are studying in Commerce Stream, so you are studying in B.com & other colleges. In science, you are studying in BSC and other. 

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