Mumbai Contingency Expenditure Rules,1959 (મુંબઈ આકસ્મિક ખર્ચ નિયમો)

Today we are going to put here Mumbai Contingency Expenditure Rules: 1959 PDF file. These rules are very important. So we are put here this rules PDF files. People who are searching this Mumbai Contingency Expenditure Rules: 1959 they are get this PDF file from below. We are put here full details of these rules. In this PDF file, all the details are given in Gujarati language. 

Mumbai Contingency Expenditure Rules: 1959 (મુંબઈ આકસ્મિક ખર્ચ નિયમો)

Mumbai Akasmik Kharch Niyamo | Mumbai Contingency Expenditure Rules:

These include orders issued up to December 1991. Publisher: Finance Department, Secretariat, Gandhinagar. 

The rules contained in the Contingency Expenditure Rule (Financial Publication No. 9) issued by the Finance Department of the Government of Mumbai were adopted from 1st May 1960 to apply to the State of Gujarat. Updated the English version of the rules by incorporating amendments issued by March 1916.

Every administrative officer of the state is required to have a thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations relating to contingencies and the procedure laid down thereon. In view of this fact, the Gujarati translation of this publication has been updated by incorporating the revisions issued till December 1981. It is hoped that this Gujarati translation will be useful to all the administrative offices of the state.

These rules have been approved by the Governor of Mumbai for the regulation of contingency expenditure of the State in accordance with the powers vested in him under Article 166 of the Constitution of India. These rules have been published in the Gazette under Government Declaration No. FNR1159 / S8, dated September 3, 1959.

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