GPSC Joint Charity Commissioner, Class-1 Exam Syllabus

Today we are going to put here Gujarat Public Service Commission exam Join Charity Commissioner Class I Syllabus. People who are finding the syllabus of GPSC Joint Charity Commissioner Class 1 they are read this exam full syllabus below. We are put here the full syllabus of this exam. We are also put this exam syllabus PDF file. You can get it from below link. 

GPSC Joint Charity Commissioner, Class-1 Exam Syllabus

Joint Charity Commissioner, Class-I in the General State Service, in the Charity Organization Syllabus of Preliminary Test:

There are two papers in this exam. The first paper is 100 marks and the second paper is 200 marks. First paper is in Gujarati language and the second paper is in the English language. There are 100 questions in the first paper and 200 questions are in the second question paper. 

Syllabus of Preliminary Test Paper-1:

1) Geography of India-Physical, Economic, Social, Natural Resources and population related topics- with special reference to Gujarat

2) Cultural heritage of India-Literature, Art, Religion and Architecture- with special reference to Gujarat

3) History of India with special reference to Gujarat

4) Indian Economy and Planning

5) Indian Polity and the Constitution of India:

  • Preamble 
  • Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties 
  • Directive Principles of State Policy 
  • Composition of Parliament 
  • Powers of the President of India 
  • Powers of Governor 
  • Judiciary 
  • Provisions for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and backward classes of the society 
  • Attorney General 
  • NITIAayog 
  • Panchayati Raj Institutions 
  • Finance Commission 
  • Constitutional and Statutory Bodies: Election Commission of India, Union Public Service Commission, State Public Service Commission, Comptroller and Auditor General; Central Vigilance Commission, Lokpal and Lokayukta, Central Information Commission

6) General Mental Ability

7) General Science, Environment and Information & Communication Technology

8) Daily events of Regional, National and International Importance including Sports

Syllabus of Preliminary Test Paper-2:

1. Constitutional Law of India Essential Features of Indian Constitution, Preamble, Fundamental Rights and Duties, Directive Principles of State Policy, Judiciary Executive, Parliament and State Legislatures, Union State Legislative Relations, Emergency Provisions, Amendment of the Constitution, Types of Writ, Writ Jurisdiction. Role of Election Commission in Democratic Process. 

2. Nature and Sources of Law Legal Concepts—Right, Duty, Ownership, Possession and Person, Judicial Process—Application of Doctrine of Precedent of India, Judicial Contribution in Bringing Social Changes, Law and Morality. 

3. Legal Theory Nature and Sources of Law, Positivism, Natural Law Theory, Sociological Jurisprudence, Theories of Punishment, Rights and Duties, Nature, Scope and Importance of Administrative Law, Principles of Natural Justice, Administrative Discretion and its control, Judicial Review of Administrative Action—Writ Jurisdiction, Lokpal and Lokayukta. Prepare Appeal/Revision Proposal on given facts. 

4. Public International Law Nature of International Law and its sources, Concept of sovereignty and its relevance today, Recognition of States and Governments, Extradition, Asylum, Nationality and Status of Refugees, International Court of Justice, United Nations, Settlement of International Disputes, Human Rights. 

5. Law of Crimes—General Principles Nature and Definition of Offence, General Exceptions Common Intention and Common Object, Criminal Attempt, Conspiracy and Abetment, Offences against Women. 

6. Law of Contracts—General Principles Essentials of a valid contract, Offer, acceptance and consideration, Capacity to Contract—Minor’s contract, Elements vitiating contract—mistake, fraud, misrepresentation, public policy, coercion, undue influence, frustration of contract, Remedies for breach of contract—Damages. Laws related to sales or transfer of property. 

7. Law of Torts Foundation of Tortuous Liability, General Defences to an action of Torty, Vicarious Liability, Remoteness of Damages, Contributory Negligence, Absolute and Strict Liability. 

8. Labour Law Concepts—Industry, Industrial Dispute and Workman. Trade Unions-Rights and Immunities of Registered Trade Union; Registration and its advantages. Methods for Settlement of Industrial Disputes under Industrial Disputes Act, 1947 Strike and Lockout as Instruments of Collective Bargaining. Retrenchment, Lay-off and Closures. 

9. Important Acts and Codes, 

  • Criminal Procedure Code, 1973. 
  • Indian Evidence Act, 1872. 
  • Indian Penal Code. 
  • The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908. 

10. Acts related to Charity Organization 

  • The Gujarat Public Trust Act, 1950 
  • The Administrators General Act, 1963 Administrator General Rules, 1976 
  • The Official Trustees Act, 1913 
  • The Charitable Endowments Act, 1890 
  • The Gujarat Charitable Endowments Rules_1965 
  • The Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010 
  • The WAQF Act, 1995. 
  • The Society Registration Act,1860. 
  • Bombay Public Trusts (Gujarat) Rules, 1961 

11. Elements of Auditing and Audit Report. 

12. Current Trends and Recent Advancement in the field of Charity.

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