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Best Strategy to Attempt UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination

UPSC Civil Services Examination is more than just an exam, it is an examination that tests your strategy, planning, perspective, and perseverance. You need to be selective, pertinent, and smart to complete the UPSC syllabus on time and retain it too. Every year, lakhs of aspirants compete for a slew of Civil Services posts, resulting in very high rejection rates.

It can clearly be stated that if you want to clear the IAS Examination, you need to be the best among the best. In the IAS examination, you are not expected to solve all the questions, but even answering 60-63 questions correctly is enough to clear the IAS prelims examination. Henceforth, you need to correct a minimum of 60-63 questions in your IAS Prelims Examination. You can easily reach this number if you attempt your paper prudently.

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Best Strategy to Solve UPSC Prelims Paper: UPSC Prelims Strategy

In the examination hall, if you attempt your UPSC civil services examination smartly, you can easily clear the Cutoff. Here is the best UPSC prelims strategy to score better in the prelim's examination.

Step 1: Attempt 100% Sure Questions: You should attempt your civil services examination in various steps. In the first step, you should roughly go through the paper, and attempt only the questions which you are 100% sure of. While attempting these questions, try to be a bit cautious in order to avoid any silly mistakes. In the first step, avoid attempting anything which seems complex or demanding.

❖ Step 2: Once you are done, attempting the questions which you were 100% sure of. It is time to go back to the questions that might be complex but can be done if you apply a little thought to them. In step 2 also, attempt only the questions of which are sure. Therefore, be selective and choose to answer the questions which you are confident of in step 2.

❖ Step 3: Now it is time to have a slight glimpse at the number of questions you have attempted, and you are sure of getting them right. Despite your high confidence in answering them right, expect a few questions to go wrong. Hence, if you have attempted 52 questions, you can make a rough estimate of getting 47 questions right. Now, you will have a rough idea of the number of questions you need to further attempt to cross the cutoff.

❖ Step 4: Now you have attempted all the questions in which you are expecting high accuracy, it is time to dig a bit deeper into the UPSC IAS question paper. It is time to take calculated risks by attempting questions by eliminating options. Now, pick up the questions, where you know that at least 1-2 options cant be correct, use the elimination technique. And, if you finally get stuck between two options, make an educated guess. Using all these steps, you will be able to attempt anywhere between 70-75 questions.

❖ Step 5: While attempting around 80-85 is considered to be a safe score to clear the prelims cutoffs, but if you aren't much confident you will have ample time to search for the questions that can be further attempted using the smart approach. Though it is good to attempt a high number of questions, you will have to draw a line between calculated risk and pure guesswork. Pure guesswork can land you in trouble with negative marking, hence, be practical and smart. Also, ensure that you have practiced this attempt strategy a lot of times before the actual exam.

❖ Additional: Make sure that you complete your UPSC Prelims syllabus on time so that you can give enough mock tests to analyze and test this attempting strategy. For a comprehensive civil services preparation, you can make use of the UPSC IAS GS 2023 Coaching to complete your syllabus in time along with the expert guidance to ace UPSC prelims by a smart approach to the examination. 

If you practice this smart attempting strategy for UPSC prelims, you will surely notice positive results. Henceforth, be smart and attempt the paper smartly.

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