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Adobe Scanner is simply used for scan important document and save it on our device. Adobe scan gives you many options for save the files. You may save you file as PDF, JPEG, Document and etc. 100 Million+ users can used this app and they giving good ratings for this application. I also used this app for scanning documents and make PDF files. 

The Adobe Scan scanner app turns your device into a powerful portable scanner that recognizes text automatically (OCR) and allows you to save to multiple files formats including PDF and JPEG.

The most intelligent scanner app. Scan anything receipts, notes, documents, photos, business cards, whiteboards with text you can reuse from each PDF and photo scan.

Scanner App Free Download:

Adobe Scanner App

Adobe Scanner App

Is Adobe Scanner App is Safe??
  • This app is shared your purchase history, app activity and app info and app performance to other companies or organizations. 
  • This app collects your data like personal information, app activity and app info and app performance. 
  • This app says your data is secure and you can sent to request for deleting your data. The developer provides a way for you to request that your data be deleted.

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