UGC Cyber Security Course Syllabus 2022

UGC Cyber Security  Syllabus

The University Grant Commission (UGC) has announced on the day of Cyber Jaagrookta Divas for starting new Cyber Security course for the undergraduate and post graduate students. The evolution of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and growing security concerns demands flexible and generally comprehensive approach to the issue of cyber security. 

The syllabus has been prepared with an aim to create more aware, responsive and responsible digital citizens, thereby contributing effectively to an overall healthy cyber security posture and ecosystem. Cyber security as a subject needs to be incorporated at Graduation and Post Graduation level in all the streams. A separate syllabus for Graduation and Post-Graduation program to be prepared. 

UGC Cyber Security Syllabus:

The syllabus should incorporate all the essential elements of cyber security so that the students at the Graduation and Post-Graduation level understand the essence and concept of cyber security as a whole. The syllabus of cyber security at the Undergraduate level to be pitched at basic and mid-level wherein the syllabus at Post Graduate level should cover mid and advanced level concepts, duly considering the fact that Post Graduation students would have exposure to the basic concepts of cyber security in the preceding degree.

Essential Components of Cyber security:
  • (a) Essential components of cyber security - Basic  Level
  • (b) Cyber security threat landscape - Basic  Level
  • (c) Cyber crime and its types - Basic & Medium  Level
  • (d) Remedial and mitigation measures - Basic  Level
  • (e) Reporting of Cyber crime - Basic Level
  • (f) Cyber Law - Basic  Level
  • (g) Data privacy and security - Basic  Level
  • (h) E-Commerce, Digital payments and its security - Medium  Level
  • (i) Overview of Social media and its security - Medium  Level
  • (j) Cyber security of digital devices - Medium  Level
  • (k) Tools and technology for cyber security - Medium  Level
  • (l) Cyber security plan and crisis management - Advanced  Level
  • (m) Security controls - Advanced  Level
  • (n) Risk based assessment, audit and compliance - Advanced  Level
  • (o) Cyber security best practices and do’s and don’ts - Medium  Level
  • (p) Platforms to report and combat cyber crime - Basic Level 
  • (q) Practical hands on - Basic, Medium and Advanced Level

Syllabus of Cyber Security Program at Undergraduate Level:

  • Introduction to Cyber security
  • Cyber crime and Cyber law
  • Social Media Overview and Security
  • E - Commerce and Digital Payments
  • Digital Devices Security , Tools and Technologies for Cyber Security

Syllabus of Cyber Security Program at Post Graduate Level:

  • Overview of Cyber security
  • Cyber crimes
  • Cyber Law
  • Data Privacy and Data Security
  • Cyber security Management , Compliance and Governance

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