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Did you know the cure for cold and cough in winter?

Special Remedies for Cold and Cough.

As soon as winter comes, in most people's house, one or two members have the problem of cold or cough. Now today we are going to talk about why cold occurs and what should be done to cure this winter cold. So there are two main reasons for getting cold due to which we will talk about it point by point below.

In winter, not only wearing warm clothes can save us from cold, but it is also considered necessary to have heat in the body and a good immune system. In such a cold you can drink hot broth or eat hot food to keep your body warm and for immunity you can increase your immunity by eating winter green vegetables.

Special Remedies for Cold and Cough:

Causes of cold:

So cold can happen to you for many reasons in which two main reasons are found in cold.

1) Cold is a viral disease. So it is caused by a virus and can spread quickly from person to person. When a person with a cold sneezes or coughs, the cold virus in the mouth spreads into the air, and when a healthy person inhales such air through the nose, that person becomes infected.

2) If you are allergic to something then it can also cause you cold. For example, if some people are exposed to dust, the effects of cold and cough are immediate.

Causes of Cough:

The main reason for coughing is eating too much bad oil or eating too much oil, you start coughing or phlegm immediately. Eating stale or decaying food can also cause you to cough or phlegm. Eating spicy and spicy foods can also cause coughing or phlegm. Seasonal change can also cause you to develop a common cough or phlegm.

Remedies to cure cold-cough:

- Jaggery can relieve you from cold and cough in winter. Jaggery is considered very beneficial for your health as it contains nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamins and copper. Consuming jaggery is considered very beneficial for health as per Ayurveda. Jaggery boosts your immunity and is considered very useful in increasing physical strength as well.

- Ginger is considered to be very medicinal as per Ayurveda. In winter, you will get relief from cough and cold by adding ginger and pepper masala in hot water and drinking its hot soup. Warm ginger water will give relief to your throat and will also be useful in curing colds quickly.

- Honey is also used to cure cough or phlegm. You can get rid of cough by adding honey and some lemon in freshly boiled hot water. Honey is considered very useful for the body. It keeps the body healthy and also keeps the body hydrated.

- Drinking a decoction of ardoosi or tulsi also gives you relief from cough or cough and drinking this decoction in your throat also gives relief. Slate decoction is considered to be the best. Which also gives relief if you have a cold.

- If you have excessive phlegm, you can put lemon in warm water and drink the same water little by little when you feel thirsty. Doing this will release the phlegm that is stuck in your throat and chest. This remedy has been considered ineffective during the Corona period.

- Gargling with salt and warm water gives you relief from cough and also relieves you from sore throat. Most people gargle with salt in warm water when they have a sore throat.

- Adding turmeric to warm milk and drinking it also gives you relief from cold and cough. Drinking turmeric in warm milk can also relieve sore throat.

- Adequate hydration is essential when you have a cough. So that your body does not get dehydrated. Drinking water relaxes your throat and if you drink warm water it will benefit you a lot.

Note: Friends, the above given remedy is a home remedy. Due to which many people have also got relief and this remedy is done only in the village. I have also been relieved by doing some of the above remedies and I have also used this remedy during the corona period. If you get excessive cold or cough then you can contact the doctor or do the above remedies as per the advice of the doctor. It is imperative to consult a doctor. If you also have any such solution then you can write in the comment box so that other friends can also benefit from it.

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