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Did you know about the CT Scan?

Information about the CT Scan

Hello friends, today we are going to give information about what is city scan and why is it done. Today we will give you information about CT Scan. You will get full form of CT Scan and other information from this article.

General information about City Scan:

Friends nowadays one hears more about City Scan and MIR. In the time of Corona, doctors are saying to make city scan mandatory. City scan gives information about the diseases inside the human being through the computer. Information about the diseases in the organs in the chest of a person is obtained through CT scan.

What is City Scan?

City Scan was invented by British scientist Godfrey N. Hounsfield and Alan M. Cormack did it. The test which is done with the help of X-ray and computer is called City Scan. After the invention of CT Scan, it became possible and easy to take pictures of various parts of the human body through the use of computers and X-ray machines, and with the help of those pictures, it became possible and easy to know in which part of the body the disease is present.

With the help of a CT scan test, the age and severity of the disease inside the body can be known immediately. City scan is done of major body parts like head, shoulders, heart, abdomen. The full name of City Scan is Computed Tomography Scan.

How is City Scan done?

A person is not given anything to eat or drink before the CT scan. If you are wearing any metal or gold item while doing the city scan, it will be removed. The person is then placed on a table in a large CT scan machine. During this time one does not have to move at all. When the person is asleep, they will be asked to hold and exhale for a few times and this instruction will be given to you through the mic.

A CT scan uses a narrow X-ray beam that travels around a person's body and produces a series of images of different parts of the body. This information is used by a computer to create a cross-sectional picture of all parts of the body.

This technique is adopted after drawing some pieces by computer. After that, these images are scanned and converted into 3D image shapes, which can be easily seen by doctors and show a clear picture of all parts of the body.

Why is City Scan done?

CT scans are primarily used for the treatment of injuries and diseases in the body as the reports clearly show the patient has the disease and which part of the body is affected for what reason. All these tests take a lot of time to do through CT scan and test for these diseases.

CT scan is used for muscle defects, bone fracture, tumor (cancer), cancer disease, heart disease, study of blood vessels and internal structures, estimation of internal bleeding volume etc. Lung disease can also be detected by CT scan. Doctors are advising to do a city scan to find out the percentage of lung infection in the current corona virus.

So friends, in today's article you got to know about what is city scan and how city scan is done and why city scan is done. Friends, if you like this information, please share it with your friends and relatives. Thanks for reading the information. 

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