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Did you know why a cloud bursts?

why a cloud bursts?

Cloud bursting happens every time in the mountains during monsoon and it is also reported on news channels. In places like Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu Kashmir, cloud bursting happens. Every cloudburst event brings with it a devastation and leaves its mark.

Cloudburst is not a scientific term. The phenomenon of cloud bursting has been happening even before the development of science. In earlier times it was believed that clouds are like balloons. It is filled with water. Wherever it rains, there is water coming out slowly. When a cloud bursts, much of the water falls down to the ground at once, like water falling from a balloon.

But with the development of science, it was found that clouds are not like balloons. It is made of steam. The moisture droplets present in it form together and fall on the ground in the form of rain. Human concepts about clouds have changed but the term has not changed and it is still called cloudburst. 

Does cloudburst really happen?

A cloud burst means that a large amount of rain falls together over a single place. Hail accompanied by thunderstorms is also considered common during cloud bursts. When it rains at a speed of 100 mm per hour, it is called cloudburst. In such times, the drops of water falling are big. This happens due to orographic lift.

This is one of the reasons why cloudbursts are mostly seen over mountains. The warm air present at the foot of the mountains collides with the mountains and starts rising. When this air collides with the clouds above, the intermolecular forces between the water molecules in the clouds weaken. Due to this the water drops also start flying up with the air. These droplets combine with other droplets to form larger droplets. These droplets condense but cannot escape from the cloud due to the electrostatic force. As a result, more moist clouds form and accumulate.

As the water droplets accumulate, the density of the water increases and the weight of the water also increases. The clouds cannot bear the increased weight and all the water pours down at once. These clouds are also called pregnant clouds. Such a cloud is mostly in an area of ​​15 km. The area of ​​cloudburst is also almost less. Due to which so much rain falls on a single place, everything becomes chaotic.

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