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How to Prepare Current Affairs for Competitive Exams?

How to prepare current affairs

Are you preparing for competitive exams? If yes, then this article will be very useful for you. Because in this article today we are going to give you information about current affairs. Friends Current Affairs is considered very important for every competitive exams. Which questions are asked in every competitive exam. So this will be very important information for those people who are preparing for the competitive exam.

How To Prepare Current Affairs For UPSC, SSC, GPSC & All Competitive Exams?

Following are the main sources for preparing Friends Current Affairs.
  • Newspapers
  • TV channel
  • Famous website and YouTube channel
  • Current Affairs Magazine
Friends, the main source of current affairs is the daily newspaper delivered to your home. It is the main source for daily important events coming up in newspapers. Another important source is TV. A third source is the Internet. You can also get current affairs through the medium of internet. You can also get current affairs from some social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. You can also get it through current affairs magazine.

1) Newspapers and its notes:

Important news of the country and the world are coming daily in the newspapers. You should write down these important events by making notes. Friends, the current affairs that are asked in competitive exams are not for one or two months, but for six months, the whole year is asked. So it is necessary to make notes and it is equally necessary to revise it. You have to remember and write down the important events that occur in print date wise. You will not easily get so much current affairs in Gujarati language. So you can read Hindi or English language newspaper.

2) Through the medium of TV:

You can watch current affairs programs of Rajya Sabha TV, Lok Sabha TV and DD News through news channel coming in TV, this will help you a lot, for this you have to set your own time, in which you can spend an hour morning or evening. You can see daily news, according to psychology if we can't remember something by reading we can remember it more easily through pictures. So it will be easy for you to remember current affairs through the medium of TV.

3) Through Internet:

There are many websites and news websites available on the internet which can provide you all the information easily with a single click on your mobile. Nowadays, internet has a special importance, internet has become a special support material for information, help or any other department related to any field, also for competitive exams internet has special contribution in the field of education. Being used a lot, internet provides special help for any competitive exam, in such a situation we can easily prepare for any exam with the help of internet, there are many such websites on internet, which provide information related to daily current affairs. .

4) Through social media:

Friends are some social media medium where you can get daily current affairs. In which Facebook and Twitter these two mediums are very important. In which you can get a lot of current affairs and especially on Twitter you will get a lot of good and authentic information. You can get good current affairs in some groups and pages on Facebook. You will get correct information through news website on Twitter. Through this medium you can easily get the information about the trending events.

5) Current Affairs Magazine through:

If you don't want to get current affairs through mobile or TV or news papers then you can prepare for it by buying a weekly or even monthly current affairs magazine. You will also get good and detailed information in this magazine. So you can prepare for current affairs through magazines as well. You can prepare by buying monthly issues of Liberty Academy and World Inbox Academy and other academies.

Friends, the information given above will give you a good boost. You can also prepare for current affairs in your own way. Current affairs must be compulsory for you every day. So it is equally important to make notes. Revising it is also very important. One by one you have to remember the events. If you have any query you can ask us in comment box.

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