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6 Phobias That Are Found In Every Human Being


Thus, different types of defects are seen in humans, but today we are going to talk about 6 different types of phobias here. At first you will question what is this phobia? So a phobia is a type of fear. Phobia means fear. 6 Weird Phobias In Humans That Are Totally Different From Normal People's Fears That Make You Surprise How Can Someone Be Afraid Of These Things?

6 Different Types Of Phobias:

Phobia means fear and fear can be caused by anything. It is true that everyone is afraid but some are more afraid and some less. Some may be afraid of animals and some may be afraid of the dark. Let's learn about 6 such weird phobias that are completely different from normal people's fears.

1) Ergophobia

That means fear of job or workplace. People fear going to work, failing at work or leaving it unfinished.

2) Somniphobia

Fear of sleep. That is, people fear that they might not be able to sleep. In fact, they cannot sleep due to the fear of having bad or terrifying dreams.

3) Ketophobia

People suffering from this phobia fear that their hair will fall out. Some people are afraid of their entire body hair.

4) Oikophobia

People suffering from this fear are afraid to stay at home. They feel that something bad will happen to them if they stay at home. Not only that, they are also afraid of household items.

5) Panphobia

People are afraid of everything in it. They feel that something bad will happen to them. They feel that a ghost is following them.

6) Abletophobia

People suffering from this phobia are afraid of bathing or even water, so they are unable to pour water on their body.

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