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Causes And Remedies For Fogging On The Car Glass

Fog Card Glass Sollution

Winter has already set in almost everywhere now. While driving in winter and monsoon season, the windshield of the car gets fogged up little by little and it makes it difficult for you to drive. Today we will give you information about why this steam freezes on the car glass and its solution.

The problem of fog on car glass in winter and monsoon:

When the temperature drops during the winter and rainy seasons, steam often accumulates on the interior glass of the car. This often happens while driving and makes it very difficult to drive. The leading cause of fogging on the car glass is the temperature difference between the inside and outside the car which causes the fog to form on the car glass.

Why does steam freeze?

Car glass is considered cold. The temperature outside is also lower when you are driving. But when you and other passengers sit in the car, the temperature inside the cabin rises. In such a situation, there is a difference in the temperature inside and outside the car. Due to this steam accumulates on the glass of the car.

What can condensation cause?

During the winter season or even during the monsoon season, when we start the journey, we travel with the glass cleaned. When we are driving and fog starts to build up on the windshield, we are unable to clear it and due to this more fog starts to build up, and then the forward visibility gradually decreases. This increases your risk of having an accident.

What is the remedy?

When we are traveling in a car, we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Due to this, steam freezes on the glass of the car. We are going to tell you some of the remedies here.

1) Open the car windows a little. If you don't mind the cold air outside, you can open the car windows a little. By doing this, the outside air will come in and both the outside temperature and the inside temperature will equalize your car will not get steamed up on the glass and you will also get fresh outside air.

2) Turn on the AC or turn on the heater. If you immediately turn on the heater or the AC in the car or even the front fan, the condensation in the car will go away immediately within a minute and you will not have any problem driving the car. The car is provided with such a facility that you can continue it towards the glass of the car. Some vehicles also have the facility for a rear window.


Thus, as above, you can remove the steam that accumulates on the car's glass and drive the car calmly. Friends, this information has been put up because many people have been injured due to steam freezing on the glass of the car. So you must be aware of this information while driving so that no accident occurs. thank you

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