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Cyber Attacks On Government Agencies Around The World

Cyber Attacks

(87,050) This is the number of cyber attacks on government agencies in India during the last two years. Targeting of Indian government agencies is increasing. Although the country's cyber security agencies are active, hackers often target Indian government websites, agencies' servers, computers. 

In 2020, there were 11,58,208 cyber attacks, both small and large. In 2021, the number of cyber attacks increased to 12,13,784. In six-seven months of 2022, these attacks have increased to over 14 lakhs. This figure has been officially declared by the central government in the Rajya Sabha.

A Google report claimed that 1.80 crore attacks on India in 2022. India is a soft target for hackers as it is at the forefront of digital transactions and faces the threat of two lakh attacks every day. 2000 websites of the country were hacked in June-July this year. There are cyber attacks on hundreds of small and large companies in India. TechCrunch reported that on average, two hacking attempts are made per week on every computer connected to the server.

Cyber Attacks On Government Agencies Around The World:

Like AIIMS in India, hackers targeted Britain's health system in 2017. North Korean hackers attacked with Wanna Cryransomware. The cyber attack cost the British government 12.5 million dollars. Wanna Ransomware created havoc around the world and targeted 200,000 companies in 150 countries.

In 2018, there was a cyber attack on government agencies in the city of Atlanta, USA. A total of 3789 computers were hacked and a group of hackers demanded a ransom of 51,000. The government had to spend 1.7 million dollars to get the system operational again. The details of countless taxpayers were in the hands of hackers.

In 2019, the city council of Baltimore, USA was attacked by Robinhood ransomware. The hackers demanded a ransom of 76,000, but the city council did not accept the ransom demand. However, $1.8 million was spent to recover and secure the system. In 2019, hackers demanded a ransom of six million dollars by shutting down the government websites and servers of the city of Riviera, Florida. As the local government body took out the hacking insurance, the insurance company paid the amount. After the attack, the government spent $1 million to make computer systems more secure.

Other government bodies in America have been targeted more than once. There was a cyber attack on the Chicago City Council, which is said to have cost $1.1 million. The attack took place in 2018 targeting the Washington Police Department. The hackers demanded 4 million dollars. The police department refused to make the payment. Later the system was updated and secured. In January this year, Russian hackers hacked the government systems of Bernalino County, New Mexico and demanded a ransom. The jail's website was hacked after it leaked details of inmates lodged in the county jail. 35 lakh dollars were spent on that data recovery.

Burlington, Canada was targeted by hackers in 2019. The mayor acknowledged the cyber attack in a media statement, but did not officially announce whether he had met the hackers' demands. According to reports, the system was freed from the hackers by paying a demand of five lakh dollars. There was a ransomware attack on Canada's revenue department during the Corona period. In which the data of 48,500 people was stolen. The Government of Canada decided to replace the entire department's server and computer systems after the cyber attack.

Source: Gujarat Samachar (Harsh Meswania)

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