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Did You Know About Blood Pressure?

Blood Pressure

Do you guys know about blood pressure? Today we are going to talk to you about blood pressure. Today we are going to talk about how much blood pressure should be in your body and what can happen if it is high or low.

A blood pressure between 90 to 60 and 120 to 80 is considered normal in every person. Obviously, if a person's blood pressure is found below 90 to 60, it can be theoretically taken as low. Now we have to know how this theoretical low blood pressure affects that person?

In fact, many people live a normal life with a blood pressure of 80 to 60. Normal blood pressure also varies from body to body. Similarly, hemoglobin, temperature, sugar level, bone density and pulse rate are found differently in each body. In such a situation the same blood pressure should be considered low, due to which any adverse effect is produced in the person. Often people measure blood pressure due to fatigue and say less than 100 to 70. It may be that this pressure is the normal pressure of that person and the cause of fatigue is something else. In exactly the same way, someone feels dizzy and considers 110 to 78 as low blood pressure, someone with restlessness or nervousness 90 to 70, someone considers 92 to 74 as low blood pressure due to dark eyes.

This is not to say that such symptoms cannot occur in these people due to low blood pressure. Emphasis is placed on the fact that low blood pressure is confirmed by a decrease in the normal blood pressure of that individual as compared to high blood pressure. That is, high BP is an absolute number while low BP is to some extent understood as relative).

If a person's normal BP is around 124 to 88, he may experience dizziness above 94 to 60, but a person whose normal BP is 90 to 60 may have other causes of dizziness. If a person's blood pressure of 180 to 110 is immediately raised to 120 to 80, symptoms like dizziness may occur in that condition as well. This happens because his body gets used to the increased blood pressure. So it is better to lower the blood pressure slowly. This means that both the doctor and the patient need to be patient before declaring low BP.

Low BP is not to be taken lightly. Low blood pressure can reduce blood flow to organs, stop urine production, damage the kidneys, cause fainting and even death due to lack of blood flow to the brain. So really low blood pressure, like low blood sugar, is more dangerous than high blood pressure and high blood sugar.

Information source: Facebook friend Hemant Patel.

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