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Unknown things about Facebook that everyone should know.

Facebook Photo

Friends, in today's digital world and the world of internet, almost most of the people would have given up. Most people use the internet and are active on every social media platform. So today we are going to talk about a social media platform that you must be using. Today we are going to know something about Facebook that you may not know about.

Facebook has become such a medium in today's times that people can't live without it, they can instantly put their status and selfies on it when they go out. But, did you know that Facebook already has all your information? If you have created a Facebook ID with a fake name, Facebook already knows about it. How old you are or what job you do, where you live, all this information Facebook has if you are using Facebook.

In the new algorithm developed by Facebook, Facebook knows almost all the information about you. Facebook knows who's profile you check, which company's bike or car you own and which company you are insured with, which operating system your computer has, your SMS and contact list. How much you talk on which number, which websites you visit, this is almost all information about you that Facebook has. Now you will have a question that how is this? This cannot happen. So let's know further now.

Whenever you download Facebook application from play store it asks you some permissions. Which you are accepting without seeing and reading. Which you can see in the photo below.

Facebook Privacy Photo
(Image: Google)

As per the photo above Facebook has requested many accesses like how many applications are running on your phone, camera access, your browsing history. The list of which is given above. In which you can go to Play Store and see which permissions are requested by Facebook in the new latest version. It keeps changing as new updates come out.

Now you may be wondering why Facebook is doing this? How many computers would be needed to save so much data and how much money would have to be spent? So let me tell you that Facebook is doing all this for money. Facebook gives you some offers. In which you can ask Facebook for all your data up to date and which ads you are eligible for. Now let's know why Facebook does all this for money.

When you are watching TV and you are watching a movie or a serial, there are advertisements in it. You get bored from time to time with this ad. A channeler is not interested in what you watch and what you like. They are only interested in showing expensive ads on their channels. You don't get that when you use Facebook. It takes your data so that you don't get tired of Facebook and go to another social media platform. By learning what you are interested in and showing you ads on your Facebook accordingly. Now you know why Facebook keeps so much information. Facebook targets you in three ways. Which are as follows.

1) Geo Targeting: In this Facebook targets you based on your location. For example, if someone advertises in Facebook from the same area as you live, Facebook will show you an ad from that area. No one will show that ad outside the state. Because there is no benefit in showing them.

2) Demographics: It targets you based on your birthday, whether you are married or not, how much education you have, whether you are single or divorced, what new job you have recently taken up and it According to shows you its advertisement.

3) Interest: Facebook gets information about what you are interested in. Accordingly, it shows you advertisements based on your interests. It is done based on your browsing history and other data.

4) Behavior: It works according to what is your nationality, what daily items you use, which company phone you use, which website you visit. If you click on a t-shirt ad and you don't buy it, Facebook will show you the same ad again after some time.

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