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10 Useful Cold & Flu Remedies

10 Useful Cold & Flu Remedies

Whenever the season changes, the chances of developing allergies increase. On a cold winter's evening, just step away from the city and see the sheets of particulate matter and smog that hang over the city. Also, you go out for a walk in the evening. Ever wondered what you get by taking your heart rate to 140 beats per minute?

Suddenly you get cold-flu. You start antihistamine medicine for cold but the cold is there...! Instead, do the simple remedies suggested by the experts. If your fever rises above 101 degrees, contact the doctor.

Antihistamines may not improve your 'congestion'. Do not use nasal sprays for more than three days. Do you think that you have a cold because of the cold? According to The New England Journal of Medicine, a cold does not cause a cold. Focus on home remedies for colds first.

(1) Increase immunity by taking vitamin-C tablets or lemon syrup, amla or nutmeg.

(2) Take Zinc Gluconate Lozenges to get rid of cold early.

(3) Rinse with turmeric-salt water.

(4) If you are on a non-veg diet, take chicken soup which will protect you against inflammation.

(5) Eat the garlic bud, if it is spicy, eat the jaggery on top. You can also swallow the bud.

(6) Eat a piece of ginger with pepper before meals and radish after meals. The nose and throat will open.

(7) Eat sushi (rice + avocado) with tobasco sauce and chili pepper flakes to weaken the virus.

(8) Cold-flu reduces the amount of water in the body, so drink more than 8 glasses of 250 ml. Warm water gives good results.

(9) Inhale steam through nose. Green tea or ginger mint tea will also provide relief.

(10) Bathe with warm water. Keep a warm towel on the neck to ease the stiff neck. The steam from the bathroom will also release phlegm as it passes through the nose into the respiratory system.

You can add 8-10 drops of essential oil in the bucket while taking a bath. Peppermint or geranium oil can be used.

According to a recent research, men and women who are sexually active have higher levels of immunoglobulin-A than others. This substance or antibody protects against viruses by coating the mucus membrane... !!

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